OBJECT OF FIVE-MINUTE DUNGEON: The object of Five-Minute Dungeon is to defeat all seven Dungeon levels without running out of cards or running out of time!

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 to 6 players 

MATERIALS: 250 Cards, 5 Two Sided Hero Mats, 5 Boss Mats

TYPE OF GAME: Cooperative Board Game



Go with your team through seven treacherous Dungeons, with foes found throughout, with only five minutes to complete each one. Communication and teamwork are a must, or else your team will quickly run out of time and perish.

Once the five-minute timer begins, players must rush to defeat the foes found within the Dungeon. To defeat them, players must work as a team to match their symbols, which all players have differing ones. Cooperate, travel through difficult Dungeons, and win the game!


To begin set up, have all players choose which hero they would like to represent them throughout the game. Player should then collect the deck of corresponding color, shuffle I, and place it on the Draw Pile space on their Hero Mat, facing down. 

Each player should then draw a hand from their deck. If there are two players, draw five cards, three players draw four cards, and four or more players, draw three cards.

To prepare the Dungeon, place the Boss Mat of the dungeon you have decided to face in the middle of the playing area. Count out the number of cards as prompted by the Boss Mat, put an additional two Challenge Cards per player, and then shuffle the deck and place it so that it covers the symbols on the Boss Mat. 

Finally, have someone in your group get a timer ready, there is an app available for this game in particular. Begin the timer when the first card in the dungeon is revealed. 


Defeating Dungeon cards is what moves the team throughout the Dungeon, giving them the chance of defeating it. If your team is presented with an Event card, simply complete the action, move it to the side, and continue through the Dungeon. If the Dungeon card has symbols however, your team must use resource cards or action cards to defeat them.

In order to defeat a Dungeon card using resource cards, all the symbols on the card must be matched. When using action cards, simply play the action card that defeats the Dungeon card.

Each hero has a special ability that aids the team when continuing through the Dungeon. Their special ability is found at the bottom of their Hero Mat. In order to use the ability, simply discard three cards, facing up, into the Discard space, found on your Hero Mat, tell the team, and continue with the action.

Once a Dungeon Card has been defeated, move it to the side, move cards that have been used to the side, and flip a new Dungeon Card. Make sure to refill your hand back to the original starting hand size. If you ever run out of cards, until another player helps, you cannot do anything.

Once a Dungeon has been defeated, prepare the next one. Return all hero decks to their players, and sort all the cards. After everything has been sorted, place the Boss Mat for the next Dungeon in the middle of the playing area and reset the timer!

This gameplay will continue throughout seven Dungeons or until the team loses. 

Card Types

Hero Cards:

Sorceress and Wizard

These heroes have Scrolls found in their deck. The Wizard’s ability pauses the game timer. The game stays paused until a player plays a card. 

Paladin and Valkyrie

Shield symbols are found throughout their deck.

Barbarian and Gladiator

This pair will be the best one to find Sword symbols around. 

Ninja and Thief

These two are wonderful choices when you need Jump symbols.

Huntress and Ranger

These two heroes are great choices when Arrow 먹튀검증업체 are needed. The Huntress’ ability gives you the change to draw four cards.

Dungeon Cards:

Challenge Cards

Challenge cards have two varieties. They may come in the form of Event cards, which have a star on them, and require the team to complete a very specific action immediately.

Door Cards

Door cards each contain an obstacle or enemy that your team must defeat. They contain information about the threat, the symbols that need to be played in order to defeat it, and the type of obstacle that it is.


 The game comes to an end when the team has won or when the team has been defeated. In order to win the game, the team must complete all seven Dungeons and defeat The Dungeon Master Final Form. There are two ways to lose, however. If all players run out of cards or if time runs out before the Dungeon has been defeated, your team loses.

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