OBJECT OF WATERWORKS: The objective of Waterworks is to be the first player to complete a continuous pipeline that is able to carry water from their faucet valve to their spout card.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 to 5 Players

MATERIALS: One Hundred and Ten Pipe Cards, One Bathtub Card Tray, Ten Metal Wrenches, and Instructions




Waterworks is the game that is full of wet and wild fun! Fix leaky pipes, while also making other player’s pipes leak, preventing them from continuing their pipeline! The first player to complete their pipeline wins the game! Will it be you? Play and see!


To begin setup, remove all spout and valve cards from the deck. Give each player one spout card and one valve card, any extras may be sat to the side. Also give each player two metal wrenches. 

Have each player place their valve card in a vertical position, facing up, and on their right side of the playing area. Shuffle the whole deck and give each player five cards, facing down. The remaining cards are placed in the draw portion of the bathtub and make sure the bathtub is in the middle of the table.


Select a player to begin the game. Players may make one of three moves during their turn.
The first option is to place a good pipe card next to his valve card in an attempt to begin their pipeline. The second option is to place a leaky pipe card next to the valve card of another player. The third option is to simply discard a card from their hand.

After making one of these plays, the player may draw a card, ensuring that they have five cards in their hand. Play continues around the group from right to left, with more actions becoming available as the game goes on.

All cards must be played in a vertical position so that pipes join together properly. Cards may be turned one hundred and eighty degrees, as long as the cards remain vertical. No card may be played if it completely blocks a 먹튀검증업체 .


Players may attempt to make another player’s pipeline leak in an attempt to delay their building. Leaky pipes may be added on top of or adjacent to the last card of an opponent’s pipeline. When played on top of another card, it can only be if the pipe is of the exact same shape.

Leaky pipes can be played next to copper pipes, but they cannot be played on top of it, because copper pipes are immune to damage. No more than one leaky pipe can be exposed on a pipeline at one time. Once repaired, a pipe cannot be damaged again. 


In order to repair a leaky pipe, there are two ways a player may proceed. They may place a good pipe card on top of a leaky pipe card. To do this, the pipes must be exactly the same. Another option is for a player to place one of their metal wrenches on top of their leaky pipe. When a wrench has been played, it may not be moved or removed. A player may not add to their pipeline until the leaky pipe has been fixed. 


The game will continue until a player has completely connected their faucet to their spout meeting the required number of cards or putting more. The faucet must have water flowing down from the spout, so this may add to the number of cards needed. This player is considered the winner!

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