OBJECT OF POETRY FOR NEANDERTHALS: The objective of Poetry for Neanderthals is to score the most points by correctly guessing secret words or phrases.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 or More Players

MATERIALS: 200 Poetry Cards, 1 Sand Timer, 1 Poetry Point Slate, 1 Team Point Slate, 1 NO! Stick, 20 Grok’s Words of Love and Sad Cards, and Instructions

TYPE OF GAME: Party Word Game



Poetry for Neanderthals is perfect for those that are eloquently spoken. Speak in only one syllable words, attempting to give clues to your team to help them guess your secret phase. If you speak too well, or use words with more than one syllable, then you get hit with the NO! Stick, a two feet long, inflatable club. This game will force you to sound a little dumb.

Are you prepared to dive into this hilarious, yet challenging, game of simple vocabulary? Easy, right? Wrong. Find out for yourself!


To begin setup, players form two teams, Team Glad and Team Mad. If there is an odd number of players, one player may be the permanent judge until the next round of gameplay. Players should be positioned around the playing area in alternating team positions.

Team Glad will be the first to go, and they will pick a player from their team to be the first Neanderthal by placing the Poet Point Slate directly in front of them. The player from Team Mad who can see the card in the Neanderthal’s hand gets to hold the NO! Stick, dealing punishment as needed.

Grok’s cards may stay in the box until later in the game. The Team Point Slate may be placed in the middle of the playing area, so points can be easily counted. The timer will be used throughout the course of the game, so ensure that it is out and easily accessible. The Poetry Cards may be shuffled and placed in the middle of the playing area as well, facing down. The game is ready to begin!


The opposing team will begin the timer, it gives you 90 seconds with your Poetry Card. Decide whether to try to get your team to say the one-point word or the three-point phrase using only words with one syllable. All players on your team may shout words a the same time attempting to guess. If someone guesses correctly, say “Yes!” and place the card on the Poet Point Slate. 먹튀검증업체

If your team guesses the one-point word, you may either finish there or attempt the three-point phrase to earn two more points. If any rules are broken, you lose the card and place it in the “Oops” spot. If you begin with the three-point phrase instead, and your team guesses the word, you may still earn that point and then continue on to the phrase.

If you decide to skip a card, or you break a rule, you will lose one point and place the card in the “Oops” spot. You can only use one syllable words, but you may use any word after one of your team players has said that word, giving you an advantage!

You may not say any word, or portion of the word, on your card unless a team member has said it aloud. You cannot use any form of gestures. You cannot use “sounds like” or “rhymes with”. You may not use abbreviations or other languages. If it feels like cheating, it probably is.

If any rules are violated, you will be whacked with the NO! Stick. Your card will then be taken by the opposing team and placed on their 1-point spot.

A player’s turn ends whenever the timer runs out. The other team will then have a turn. The game comes to an end when all players have had a turn being a Poet.


Once all of the players have had their turn as a Poet, the points on each team’s Point Slate are tallied. The team who has the most points at the end of the game, wins!

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