OBJECT OF YOU’VE GOT CRABS: The objective of You’ve Got Crabs is to aquire the most crabs by the end of the game.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 4 to 10 Players (must be even)

MATERIALS: 78 Playing Cards, 28 Crabs, a Crabbing License, and Instructions

TYPE OF GAME: Party Game



You’ve Got Crabs is the perfect game for the team that is in synch with one another. Players will attempt to collect four of the same card. After they have done so, they must then try and signal their teammate with a secret signal. If their teammate catches on first, then you win a point!

However, if an opponent sees your secret signal first, then they earn a point! The goal of the game is to have the most points by the end of the game. Expansion packs are available, adding more variety to the gameplay!


To begin setup, players will form teams that each have two players. There may be a maximum of five teams for the game to run smoothly. Each team will meet privately, and quietly, to determine their own, non-verbal, secret signal to indicate that they have collected four of the same card.

You may not choose signals that occur under the table or use any vocal cues. When all the teams have decided their signal, teammates will gather at the table, sitting diagonally across from one another. Each table will now be assigned a side, either side 1 or side 2. There should be one member from each team on each side.

Each side will take turns playing. After shuffling the deck, place it facing down in the middle of the table to create the Draw Pile. Place the Crabbing License on one side of the Draw Pile, leaving the other side available to create the Discard Pile and leaving room for four Crab Cards.

Give each player two Crab Tokens and place eight of the tokens on the table, creating the Crab Pot. From the Draw Pile, give each player four cards and place four cards in the space beside the Draw Pile, creating the Ocean.

The side chosen will be the first to go. Sides will then alternate turns throughout the game. The game is ready to begin.


The goal each player should have in mind is to get four of the same card. All at once, all players on one side may swap any card from their hand with a card found in the Ocean. Each player should always have four cards in their hand, leaving four cards in the Ocean at all times.

After you have swapped all the cards you want to, place your cards face down in front of you. After all the players on the side have finished swapping cards, turn the Crabbing License to face the other side, allowing them to immediately begin their turn.

If there comes a point where neither side wants to swap any cards, discard all of the cards in the Ocean, and replace them with four cards from the Draw Pile. Then swapping may begin whichever direction the Crabbing License indicates. 먹튀검증업체

When you have the set of four matching cards in your hand, you must then attempt to give your partner your secret signal. If your partner notices your signal first, and you do have the four cards, then your team earns a point. If they are incorrect, then you lose a point. If an opponent sees the signal before your partner and calls it, then they earn a point.

If your opponent is incorrect in calling your secret signal, then you may take a Crab Token from them as punishment. The game ends when there are no more tokens available in the Crab Pot. Points are then tallied, and the team with the most points wins!


The game comes to an end when there are no more Crab Tokens in the Crab Pot. All teams should then add up their points. The team with the most points at the end of the game, wins!

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